Traditional And Alternative Working Together


Not all herbal remedies are created the same. Nature replicates organically, not according to a patent. Unlike the regulated pharmaceuticals, they can vary in dosage and strength. The same can be said for the person taking the herb. What may be an effective approach for one may not work for another. A good herbal practitioner takes a person’s individuality into account, similar to how Buffalo Towing Company dispatches different sized tow trucks depending on the job and vehicle that needs service. It’s not a one size fits all application.

Paving the way for modern medicine, plants are still replicated through chemical formulas by pharmaceutical companies. These have been proven time and time again to be life saving. What we like to see at Padma Vati Herbal is a complimentary relationship where herbs and traditional white coat medicine work together.

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Herbal Medicine And Big Pharma


The original medicine was herbal medicine. Dating farther back than any form of record keeping, people and even some animals were discovering which plants helped heal a wound faster, which brought down a fever, which made someone more active and which helped the restless sleeper. My brother in law runs Toledo roadside assistance services and he swears by herbal teas and natural practices to help him rest and recuperate during his off hours. Herbal applications are the very foundation of modern medicine.

Scientists have taken from nature and modified, adjusted and redesigned an original structure similar to how graphic design firms would make changes to a website, to make many chemical copycats. In hundreds of cases the copycat is far more emphatic due to strength and the rearrangement of, or the addition of molecules to the plant’s bio-makeup. It’s a wonderful world where we have effectively taken our clues from Mother Nature, but. . . 

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Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana Cures

Perhaps the most controversial herb today is cannabidiol, CBD. A derivative of the marijuana plant, CBD is top of mind in discussions among medical scientists across the world. Because the marijuana plant has gotten such a bad rap for the past 70+ years, medical’s society is reluctant to budge. Although case after case has brought conclusive evidence to the table, but only a relative few practitioners are munching on the medical benefits. Why? Lots of reasons from regulation, dosing, politics, greed, power – but hey, once that’s all figured out, they’ll be on board, too.

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Smart Medicine


Herbal medicine predates written history. We used what Mother Nature offered. Along the way we learned which plants assisted us in our needs. Our bodies were pure, never having taken a synthetic pharmaceutical, eaten a Big Mac, or been polluted by fouled air. We had a symbiotic relationship with the world around us.

Although my personal history doesn’t quite go back that far, and I have eaten a Big Mac back in the day, I’ve discovered the power of herbal remedies to be extremely effective in modern times as well. I’ve incorporated herbs in my health journey for the past twenty-two years. When diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at a young age, I looked into every aspect of treatment available.

I lived in a community of hard working people, including local contractors like plumber Hamilton ON and natural healing practitioners, many of them I would call my personal friends. I also had primo medical insurance coverage which made a specialist from every medical ilk available to me. I was taking advantage of both, and catering to the demands of my condition.

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