Smart Medicine


Herbal medicine predates written history. We used what Mother Nature offered. Along the way we learned which plants assisted us in our needs. Our bodies were pure, never having taken a synthetic pharmaceutical, eaten a Big Mac, or been polluted by fouled air. We had a symbiotic relationship with the world around us.

Although my personal history doesn’t quite go back that far, and I have eaten a Big Mac back in the day, I’ve discovered the power of herbal remedies to be extremely effective in modern times as well. I’ve incorporated herbs in my health journey for the past twenty-two years. When diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at a young age, I looked into every aspect of treatment available.

I lived in a community of hard working people, including local contractors likeĀ plumber Hamilton ON and natural healing practitioners, many of them I would call my personal friends. I also had primo medical insurance coverage which made a specialist from every medical ilk available to me. I was taking advantage of both, and catering to the demands of my condition.

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